goodbye, 2020

I sitwith heavy eyesburning eyestired eyestired bodytired soul.It's been a hard yearfor everyonebut feels extra hardfor me.For us.Life threw us more than we could handleor did it?What is the limit?What is our limit?What is the measure of "more than we can handle?"We are breathingbut we are numb.We have jobsbut we are address-less.We have familybut it... Continue Reading →

Girl Where’ve You Been?

(That's me in that photo in my new business attire! ... JK. But it's the most hilarious stock photo I could find related to "working" and I just can't help but laugh thinking about people ACTUALLY shaking hands like that...) "I'm really missing your mom blog!" I've heard a few people share this sentiment over... Continue Reading →

Parent to Parent: Angi DeLong

It was so good connecting with my old friend Angi, who's been homeschooling her two kiddos for a long time. This interview offers so much wisdom, guidance, and practical advice into what kind of education is best for you, your kids and your family. Happy reading! K: Angi! Thank you so much for joining us... Continue Reading →

New Interview… Coming Soon!

It's already the end of the month! January lasted 2897 days, but here we are nearing the end of February... which means... It's time for another exciting Parent to Parent Interview! This month I was able to spend some time chatting with a friend I've had in my life for 10 years. Angi DeLong and... Continue Reading →

Let Them Help

I miss scrubbing grout so that it goes from gray to white. I miss seeing soap scum actually disappear from my shower walls. I miss the smell of Pledge. I miss the calm, relaxing feeling of a clean and clutter-free living space.

Where I’ve Been…

Someone asked me the other day, “I haven’t seen a new blog from you in a while. Where’ve you been?!” Whew. Good question. I recently started a new job that has me out of the house for about 30 hours a week, plus I’m still rocking my other part time job. I also recently started... Continue Reading →

Parent to Parent: Tatjana Brown

Today's "Parent to Parent" interview features Tatjana Brown, owner and operator of uptown Westerville's Meza Wine Shop. She's a badass mom of 3 great kiddos and somehow managing the greatest wine shop I know. She sat down with me at one of our favorite local spots for dinner and a bottle of wine. Here's what she... Continue Reading →

Introducing a *NEW* Interview Series!

I love blogging. I love writing and thinking and processing and reflecting and sharing. I like the feeling of practicing how to structure my words and thoughts so that they may resonate with others. I've learned in my counseling experience that you don't have to go through a certain situation in order to help someone... Continue Reading →

The Time is Now

The playroom is also where our treadmill lives. The TV where we play workout videos is in the corner, not too far from our wooden train set and play kitchen. The playroom is almost always never clean or organized. Sometimes it brings me stress to see the chaos. But I physically don't have the time... Continue Reading →

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